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What do you do when you are served with a lawsuit pursuant to the Hague convention?

You and your spouse are having difficulties. One of the things you don't agree on is where your children should be growing up. Maybe you and your spouse moved somewhere together to try to work things out. Maybe your spouse agreed for your kids to live in a different country than them, or maybe you recently moved and are now going through a divorce…. But the bottom line is, you are served with a lawsuit that says that you are being sued pursuant to the Hague convention regarding the return of children to their rightful country. You are being sued civilly for kidnapping and you didn't even know that you had kidnapped your child(ren) (hopefully).

What does it mean? What do you do?

The first thing that you have to understand is what this suit is really about. The idea behind a suit pursuant to the Hague convention is a suit about which country should have the jurisdiction to make decisions regarding your children. Custody. Child support. Education. Medical care. The general rule is that the last place where both parents agreed was the permanent home of the children will have the jurisdiction to make those decisions.

However there are exceptions to the general rule.

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