I'm Fine
2011 / 2013
“No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell.” ~ Artaud

The performance I’m Fine is deeply concerned with moving the audience into a state of feeling, through anger on the part of the performer. In this way I view my practice as cathartically dialogical. When I say catharsis I mean: To purge. An emotional cleansing that can be experienced as therapeutic but never therapy. In other words, a strong laxative, that allows one to shit out what is no longer necessary. This extreme change in emotion (on the part of the performer) is where the audience could potentially become activated by his or her own catharsis. I’m Fine has been performed at the following events: International Festival of Live Art in Glasgow, Scotland, Grace Exhibition Space and Lumen Festival in New York, Hillyer Art Space in DC, BLAA's event Momentum at Anthony Greaney, Boston, Le Lieu in Québec, Canada, and SUPERNOVA Performance Art Festival in Rosslyn, Virginia, little berlin in Philadelphia and Performance Platform in Lublin, Poland at Labirynt Gallery *Photo documentation in order that photos appear: Sarah Hill, Patrick Dubé, Hill, Unknown, Jessica Borusky, Hayley Morgenstern, Patrick Altman, Jessica Borusky, Celeste Marie Welch and Diana Kolczewska.

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