Documentation from Mois-Multi Festival
Canadian Premiere

Audio-Visual Performance
Audio: Alain Thibault
Video: Matthew Biederman

PULSE is an audio-video performance based around the framework of an electronic pulsation iterated over time. The performance does not present a pre-established scenario via a traditional arc, but produces a series of psychological states through the manipulation of light and sound, reflecting the rich history of visual music and other synaesthetic experiments. No pre-recorded segments are utilized, but instead, the imagery is synthesized in real time using various aleatoric techniques and algorithms.

This particular snippet of documentation focuses on a new implementation of synaesthetic techniques that we began to develop for this particular performance, which has been included in all subsequent performances.

Note that the performance typically runs at speeds much higher than standard video / film rates, and the flicker at times reaches over 100FPS. This documentation was shot on video, so naturally the high framerate/flicker is not conveyed.

Pulse has been featured at:
Hipersonica (BR)
Elektra (CA)
Quebec Numeriques (FR)
FCMM / Light Cone / Images Festival (CA/FR)
RomaEuropa (IT)
Mois Multi (CA)
Donau Festival (AT)

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