A Rick Grimes character study. Seasons 1-3.

Song: Blood Of A Broken Man by Norbert Kristof
Program: Sony Vegas
Show: The Walking Dead

Description: "I am your shield now." I am completely facinated by this character. Rick is a natural born leader. He grits his teeth and does what needs to be done however hard it may be. A total badass. He's compromised and he's flawed and he's constantly wrangling between what's the best thing to do as a cop and what's the best thing to do for the group and his family. For this video, I wanted to focus on his journey throughout the show so far...waking up in the hospital to a zombie apocalypse, not being able to find his family THEN finally reuniting with them, killing his best friend Shane, to the death of Lori and the birth of his daughter Judith.

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