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Music by Garrett Fisher
Words by W.B. Yeats, Basho, and Buson
Movement and Direction by Christy Fisher
Masks by Louise McCagg
Dramaturgy by Ken Cerniglia
Music Direction by Jeremiah Cawley

Set Design by Christy Fisher and Bob Kotchenruther
Costumes by Aubrey Heinemann
Lighting by Meleah Gibson
Stage Manger: Jessilee Marander

Vocalists (Old Man, Young Man, Chorus): Jeremiah Cawley, Kristen Ramer Liang, and Maria Mannisto
Guardian (Dancer): Christy Fisher
Recorded Voice: David Stutz
Flutes: Clifford Dunn
Percussion: Dean Moore
Bass Guitar: Gregory Bagley
Harmonium: Esther Sugai
Videography: RK Adams, Paul Hawxhurst
Editor: RK Adams

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