Speaker(s): Alastair Ager

On November 13-14, 2013 the Center for Missiological
Research hosted Dr. Alastair Ager, Professor of Clinical Population and
Family Health at Columbia University as the speaker for their annual Missiology
lectures. Dr. Ager, in collaboration with his son, Joey Ager, will be
presenting a series of talks on the theme, "Faith, Secularism and Humanitarian

In recent years, development work has seen a shift in the perceived
legitimacy of faith and spirituality, to the point where some scholars are now
discussing the emergence of a post-secular era. Otherwise secular humanitarian initiatives
are now taking up concern for the faith of the people they serve in new ways,
and are increasingly recognizing spirituality as an essential element of restored
personhood. As a result, the Church (along with other faith communities) has a
set of new challenges and opportunities. What is the best way to engage with
these new opportunities? How can we prevent secular humanitarian work from instrumentalizing
faith-based organizations and churches? Where does evangelization fit as a
component of partnerships with non-Christian organizations?



10:00-10:50AM: Chapel
Title: Reasoning in the Marketplace: Pauline Principles for a Post-secular Age
Location: Payton 101, Fuller Theological Seminary

6:30-8:30PM: Lecture One
Title: Why humanitarianism doesn't 'get' religion...and why it needs to
Panelists: Dr. Bryant Myers, Dr. Cecelia M. Lynch
Location: Travis Auditorium, Fuller Theological Seminary

12:30-2:30PM: Seminar
Title: Exploring the theological imaginary: bringing the language of faith into the public sphere
Presenters: Dr. Alastair Ager, Dr. Joey Ager
Location: Travis Auditorium, Fuller Theological Seminary

3:00-5:00PM: Lecture Two
Title: Resilience, faith and psychosocial support: competing or complementary visions?
Panelists: Dr. Cynthia Eriksson, Dr. Al Dueck
Location: Travis Auditorium, Fuller Theological Seminary

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