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Curtis discusses CEOs who take on the additional responsibilities of CCOs and how they can optimize their relationship to the CCO function.


The last couple of years, we have been focused on going up over to here to repurchase and this is either captive -- so you may have a captive customer here -- or you can have a loyal customer. Here. This is where a lot of the industry has been moving to; this notion of, "Hey, we're going to listen to our customers. We're going to try to tailor some of our products to better meet some of their needs. We're going to focus on repurchase and creating loyal customers."

And I'd like to postulate to you that this is so yesterday. What we need to do is take this further here. So we've got "buy", "repurchase", and here we have "advocate" and here we have "engage".

So this right here is "engagement".

Actually, this right here is not "engage", it's "involve".

This right here is engagement. And this right here is where we need to be going in the future because this is where we have customers advocating for us. This is where we are actively involving our customers in defining our strategy, defining our marketing, defining our future directions.

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