Saudade, Perceptions of a Portuguese Abroad

The world is indeed a beautiful, fascinating and grandiose place. And so are its most iconic destinations, be it business and pleasure havens. But what can you see when you look deeper into the picture? What happens when you make an effort to look beyond the obvious and into what most tour operators try to hide? "Saudade, Perceptions of a Portuguese Abroad" consists of 5 episodes, each about prominent and fancy world destinations (Bali, Los Angeles, Shanghai, San Francisco and Dubai), all shown through the lense of Antonio’s camera, eyes and heart.

Brought to you by Low Cost Filmes and GARAGEM
Produced by Martin Ihle and Antonio Aleixo
Written and Directed by Antonio Aleixo
Hosted by Antonio Aleixo

Shot by Antonio Aleixo, Martin Ihle, Thomas Lui, Greg Keegan and Mario Guilherme

Post Production Partner - Digipost Vietnam
Edited by Antonio Aleixo and Olesya Avtukhova
Graded by Cyrel De Los Reys
Sound Mix by Jashir Junaidi
Motion Graphics by Olesya Avtukhova

Producers would like to thank Jessica Balfour-Ogilvy, Crystal Chen, Emma van Dijkum, Pedro Estevao Semedo and Vincent Roque

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