About the Story

In a post-apocalyptic future, Nharah, a young and beautiful fighter, gets kidnapped by a group of soldiers living in an old military bunker. She finds out that this bunker is led by General Mason, a cruel, sadistic, sex addicted man who traffics both in weapons and women. Nharah tries to avoid being taken captive as a sex slave and gets some help from a mechanic who repairs the tanks to attack Reader City. This region is where the last readers, intellectuals and hopes of humanity reside. Nharahs challenge begins and she discovers that General Mason plays a very sinister game indeed.CAST:
Michael Eklund: General Pimp
Roman Roth: Sonic
Genevieve Boehmer: Alana
John Davies: Shyster
Old Trader: Gilbert Johnston
Alexis Schvartzman: Sentry 1
Pitt Simon: Sentry 2

Director, Writer: Romain Gierenz
DOP: Serge Benassutti
Music: Florian Erlbeck
Sounddesign: Arnaud Mellet
Production Design: Sabine Rudolph
Costume Design: Isabelle Dickes
Make-Up: Mia Budisin

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