In The Thrust….I Want To Leave Something Of Use
Work-in-Progress performance, Kumble Theater 6/20/13
Dancers: Malcolm Low, Ricarrdo Valentine, Pofina Veresyuk

This clip is a continuous 10-minute section of the 60-minute performance.
It illustrates a number of the relevant choreographic and musical questions I had posed to myself and my collaborators at that time.

General investigations:
- I began to use movement from the different parts of my own dance experience in a new way, and to use the dancers traveling in the space to communicate a sense of physical migration.
- I investigated how to use movement from church congregations during services I have attended since childhood, Black social movement and observed scenes, extracting the movements and putting them on my dancers’ bodies first, then developing more complex phrases. While these movements are inherent within my body, how do I build a vocabulary and then communicate it to the other dancers?

Two other specific investigations:
Smokestack Lightning section: [from 00:00 to 2:01]: I was interested in exploring how to use attractive songs, already fixed in our minds with meaning and value, and use new context to change the meaning.

The Baldwin section [from 7:21 to 9:59]: I was listening to Baldwin, speaking about the artist’s plight, and tried various juxtapositions of his words with artists on stage, interrupted with found sounds evocative of migration, to break up old meanings, to create new ones, to thwart linear development, to disrupt time, cadence, and expectations of the audience.

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