This is the How-To use the OCA Interactive Kiosk system. More at

First kiosk will be available at Asia Plaza starting Dec 23, 2014!

OCA Cleveland Chapter was awarded $5000 by Cleveland Foundation’s City of Cleveland’s Cable Television Minority Arts and Education Fund (MAEF) to start promote OCA Image TV and AsiaTown Community through the OCA Interactive Kiosk.

The OCA Interactive Kiosk is a 9” to 10” tablet that will be securely placed at Cleveland AsiaTown area centers/restaurants/areas that provide interactive information about the community, local businesses and videos. When not being used by a visitor, the kiosk will loop videos pertaining to the Asian community including sponsors/possible advertisers, and OCA Image TV programming.

The kiosk will be left on 365 days (yearlong) and information will be updated frequently based on availability of new items (via online or usb using a frontend input system).

Once touched by a user, it will provide a menu with several options to choose from:
Welcome video
What’s new? (Provide information of upcoming events and such)
Sponsors info/videos
Advertisers video clips
What’s at this Mall/Center/Location (businesses where the kiosk is located– directory and pictures)
Asian Pacific American Community Organizations and their links (provides information of each organizations with picture, text and links to their website)
What’s around this neighborhood of Asian interest (classified by markets and dinning) with map of location of businesses, google directions, and videos and pictures of the business.
Watch OCA Image TV Episodes (each is 30 minutes)
Current issues of community newsletter/newspaper in pdf formats
Benefits of this Kiosk include:
Attracts patrons to visit not only the mall/center but the entire AsiaTown neighborhood
Retains patrons to stay and experience the AsiaTown neighborhood
Increases awareness of what other Asian businesses are in AsiaTown and what to enjoy there
Provides economic growth by motivating patrons to spend more/stay longer time period at AsiaTown
Provides a multimedia experience in cultural exchange, education and understanding
Provides patrons a way to enhance their visit to the mall/center
Embraces inclusion and brings an awareness of the diversity within Northeast Ohio

Community businesses and organizations are extremely receptive to the project, look for some kiosks available starting in 2014!

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