Layne Inselman
Black & Gold
Part self-portrait, part comment on the convergence of art, technology, culture, and fashion.

Written/Directed/Edited by Layne Inselman
Special Thanks to Ahren Diers for camera work, lighting, and general awesomeness
Music: Black and Gold by Sam Sparro (buy here:

This piece is first and foremost a self-portrait. It references my devotion to dance, my passion for persona, and my anxiety as an artist. Two prominent colors (black and gold) are displayed throughout the video, each representing multiple ideas and concepts. The voiceover in the beginning stresses each color, what they are, and why they are relevant. They serve biographical purposes as well as commentary on communication, technology, culture, and the increasing convergence of the three. This merging is the secondary component of the piece. We own technology as a cultural statement, and this technology allows us to communicate quickly with others around the world, but at the cost of extreme message mediation. The irony is that without this mediated communication, messages would not get spread as quickly and communication would suffer. Ultimately, a decision must be made: Do we value communication over technology, vice versa, or do we attempt to balance them together? Can we have both black and gold?

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