YEAR: 2010
SYNOPSIS: "Chapter 6: Blame Who?". In this chapter, the issue of accountability is discussed. Too often, victims of domestic violence take on the burden of blame, even though they are the ones being victimized. Experts discuss this phenomenon and reinforce the fact that it is one hundred percent the abuser's fault, not the victim's.

Movie Synopsis: An in-depth look at the effects domestic violence has on the many people it touches in everyday life. Follows the story of Sam, who lost his sister as a result of domestic violence, as he discovers the realities of domestic violence through personal interviews with survivors, politicians, domestic violence advocates, and others affected by the issue on a regular basis.
GOAL: Raise public awareness for domestic violence, one of our country's most pervasive societal problems

Producers / Directors - Sam Nuttmann and Mark Davis
Editor / Soundtrack - Sam Nuttmann
Camera Operators - Mark Davis, Craig Smiley, Ryan Wardwell, Ketak Soneji
Microphone Boom Operator - Craig Smiley
Motion Graphics / Artwork - Sam Nuttmann
Music - Sam Nuttmann, Rosh Rocheleau, Ryan Wardwell



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