4x4 House Meets Deconstruction "Cinema 4D"
Final Project, Term 131

#The objective is to produce a model of the famous 4x4 house
by the architect Tadao Ando that is influenced by the deconstruction style of
the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada. Using the house as the basic model, use the deconstruction style to design a new take on the openings of the house (i.e. the openings of the house should be influenced by the same openings in the Royal Ontario Museum). Add as many windows, doors, skylights, etc. as you want as long as they make an architectural sense. The shape of the building should maintain the 4x4 box concept.
#The objective is to create an interior scene of the 3rd (top) floor of your model of
the house (i.e. your model has to be done first in order to create the interior scene).
The scene is of a simple room arrangement; study room, bedroom, or a living room.
The scene should reflect your understanding of the basic tools of modeling,
rendering, and lighting in C4D. The interior scene should have visible light coming from the outside with shadows, interior furniture and interior lighting fixtures. The interior scene should reflect your deconstruction concept of the exterior.


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