Motion Graphics by Sharad Kant Patel

One month was spent creating this title sequence for the feature length independent film "Somebody's Darling. Inspired by the title sequences of Saul Bass, this is an attempt to tell back story without the contrivance of placing overt exposition within the narrative.

The original music is composed by Sharad Kant Patel and Collin McRae who performs viola, violin, and esraj. Both contributed vocals.

"Somebody's Darling" started as a conventionally produced short film and has been slowly expanded to feature length as a personal long term art project over many years through out of pocket financing. The film is nearing completion and has been successfully test screened in it's entirety at the River Gallery, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, and the Work Gallery (in 2012-2013).

The film is now in it's soundmix and scoring stage of post production.

For a glimpse at the making of the music:
For a sample scene from the film:

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