This preliminary footage is part of a documentary I am directing/producing about the Badjao, the seafaring people of the Philippines. Zamboanga City has a large population of Badjao that live in seaside villages, however, these villages have been reduced to ruin due to the recent "Siege" in September involving the Philippine government and the Moro National Liberation Front. The villages were burnt down during The Siege, displacing thousands of families. The city's stadium became an evacuation center, where the displaced have been living for more than three months.

Traditionally nomadic people, the Badjao are in a particularly precarious situation. They have lived in the seaside villages of Zamboanga for decades, however, they do not own the land in these areas. Their hopes to return to these villages and rebuild their lives have been met with nothing but problems.

In late November, local government agencies began transporting Badjao families to mountainous areas hours away from the seaside villages they called home, an utter disregard of the livelihood and culture of the seafaring people.

To help the relocation of the Badjao, please sign the petition to the mayor of Zamboanga:

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