Hugawookie Films:

It is a period of galactic instability. The Imperial Empire of the Imperium is locked in a bitter civil war between the Empiricists and the rebel forces, who champion the metric system but mainly just want to stay alive.

Rebel forces have recently destroyed three Death Stars, floating space weapons of almost unimaginable power and equally unimaginable design flaws. Never one to abandon an idea just because of a long history of preventable failure, the Empire has begun construction of its latest super weapon, an improved prototype known as the Death Cube. Onboard, a new team assembles to keep it safe.

Helen Jennings - D'Jango
Alistair Hughes - Bobba
Laura Fay Smith - Annakina
Matthew Hughes - Commander Vorsprung
Christopher Hughes - Lowly Calrissian

Directed by Matthew Hughes
Produced by Tim Callaghan, Matthew Hughes, Alistair Hughes
Written by Alistair Hughes
Cinematography by Tim Callaghan
Sound and Boom by Jack Green
Edit and Effects by Tim Callaghan

NQ Studio Manchester:
Toilet Flush Sound:
3D Model: Chris Wallace

Star Wars Trilogy CD:

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