It’s Monday morning. . .

And Tom. . .is smiling,

His maintenance schedule is running like clockwork:

Work assigned, performed, monitored.

Information--gathered and assessed.

Clear, concise instructions--delivered.

Reports, generated.

But Jerry. . .is frustrated. . .with a deskful of

headaches. He’s troubleshooting emergencies.

Putting out fires. Doing reactive maintenance.

Wondering, “What else is coming?”

What’s Tom’s secret?

VAL-PM Solutions.

Our cloud-based,

Computerized Maintenance Management System

takes the guesswork out of maintenance--

and frees your team from paper nightmares.

It’s simple, and it all starts with you, the end-user.

Our easy-to-use platform puts you in control.

No more, “he said,” “she said.”

You work seamlessly with management and department

heads--to plan, implement, build better relationships,

increase productivity.

VAL-PM Solutions lets you create daily schedules. . .

assign tasks to relevant people. . .track and prioritize faults. . .

generate reports. . . send SMS and email fault alerts.

Plus, our iPhone app lets you send faults,

with text and images, directly to the system, providing

timely, critical information.

What do our customers say?

“ A fantastic system.”

“A great tool.”**

“They make the software fit our needs and stay relevant to our business.”

“VAL-PM is way out in front.”****

VAL-PM Solutions.

For hotels, hospitals, office complexes, universities. . .

For every manager, engineer and financial controller

who aspires to proactive maintenance management.

Visit valpmdotcom and see why we’re right for you.

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