the beauty of this is it can be done anywhere anytime with just a $5 skip/jump rope…

1. Surfers pop up or surfers burpee
Lying face down with your chin tucked position your arms in a "Y" position, thumbs up and shoulder blades drawn together then draw your elbows back into a "W" position still keeping your shoulder blades drawn together and thumbs your hands on the ground close to your chest elbows drawn in to your rib cage and pop up into your surf stance.
5 reps each side (natural and regular)

2.Lunge Twist
Standing feet together step forward into a lunge, hold this position and twist the same direction to the leg thats in front. (amazing dynamic stretch for the hips during this exercise) .
5 reps each side..

3.Lateral lunge into single leg stabilisation.
Start feet together then take a wide step to the side squatting as you go through the movement, once you star shifting weight onto the opposite leg go into a single leg stance. Stabilise and balance in this position for a second or two then repeat.(another dynamic stretch this time for the adductors)
5 reps each side.

4. 20 double unders or 100 skips if you can't yet do double unders..

try and go through this circuit three to six times without rest but keeping perfect form, don't rush it.Have someone film you for visual feedback to have an awareness on how you move.
ill keep adding slightly more progressive workouts every three weeks to keep you challenged and motivated Keep it fun. JG

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