We had all the right ingredients: Engraved napkins with our wedding date, customized petits fours from our engagement party plus a hefty penchant for rainbow sprinkles. Hot pink managed to make its way in there, naturally accompanied by The Beatles. But how to put them all together for our announcement? A postcard seemed too simple. A proper paper announcement was much too formal. A movie seemed great if only the team behind Happy Couple Productions wasn't so screen shy*.

Enter: Stop-motion animation. Perfect. Only we had no idea how to do it.... but no big deal. Happy Couple Productions did what we do best and learned stop motion animation in a snap with special thanks to the movie master Migina Tsai and countless visits to ImovieforDummieslikeMe.com.

And so without further adieu please enjoy our sweet little message made just for you.

Haley and Michael
Happy Couple Productions

*Shy. Not a word ordinarily ascribed to Haley and Michael.

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