in collaboration with Andrea Morbio
performer: Nerea Elizalde

performance, 11 December 2010
La Alhondiga (Bilbao)

The performance aimed at functioning as a non-recorded reportage. A 11-year old girl, standing at the entrance of a public space, shouted a looping series of sentences. The text was a montage (as in video or sound reportages) composed of fragments of interviews with citizens of Camerata Cornello, in the northern Italian area of Bergamo. Such interviews were collected during a field research conducted in summer 2010 about the local episode of assassin Simone Pianetti (1858 - ?) and its relevance in present times. In the performed text, all details about names, dates and locations were omitted.

Simone Pianetti was an Italian mass murderer. On the single morning of 13 July 1914, Pianetti (aged 56) used his rifle to shoot and kill seven people who ruined his life and his reputation in the village of Camerata Cornello, northern Italy. Among them were figures of power in the village, such as the town clerk, the parson and the doctor. Soon after the massacre, Pianetti left the village and fled to the mountains. He was never arrested and his body was never found. After nearly 100 years, in the area his figure is still controversial and for many his story embodies a positive example of revolt against authorities, while he personifies an anti-establishment political symbol – notably for anarchist circles in Italy and in the United States.

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