'Heteroscapes' is a short film on Red Hook, New York, made by three architecture students studying in Milan. Filmed in two hours during the first survey trip to the area for a project, these are 5 minutes on architecture, sound, immediate spatial perception, urban rhythm, graphic score. A temptation to investigate urban realities with other senses than the usual ones we rely on.
Filming, Editing, Drawing: AKSAN Can, CELİK Selen, TALU Cigdem.
Vocals: ŞENER Defne.
The research aims to develop an innovative approach to design with sound/noise, in conceptual and physical terms. Spatial realities create soundmarks as sounds and noises can create spatial interventions. Thus, the city becomes a polyrithmic urban installation, reacting in the urban scale as well as in the human scale.
The analysis focuses on three locations: Manhattan -the complex urban system-, Carroll Gardens -the residential district-, Red Hook -the project area-, where contradictory and collisive heteroscapes co-exist. This part of the work is represented through a video as the main goal is to show how a city is ‘edited’ and perceived by trying to cover the genius loci of these realities.
This kind of field recording leads firstly to a cognitive re-mapping of the space, then to a catharsis which will react on two main scales: the urban scale with the waterfront and solutions to prevent flooding, rythm generating sound barriers, continuing the bike path from Brooklyn Bridge towards Red Hook, then on the human scale with specific urban installations to orchestrate the soundmark of Red Hook by transforming its urban rythm.

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