Project Lead:
Tabish Ahmed Syed ( )

Lead Developer:
Steven Frady ( )

Jacob Lineberry ( )
Hong Zhu ( )

Developer / Environment Design:
Lara Chen ( )
Akshay Shinde

Visual / Motion Design:
Mark McCallum (
Christian Kay ( )

Sound Design:
Nick Caramela ( )

Project Abstract
Influence is an immersive social experiment based on the temporal and spatial relationships
between people and their environment. Influence manifests participant’s influence within a self-sustaining
interactive space through a visual and auditory sensory experience.

Project Summary
Influence is a space where a user hears and sees their presence in a physical space. Using input from
the Kinect, combined with the coding-environment of Processing, each individual is projected upon
with a specifically colored ring and particles. A specifically colored ring is used to define the user’s
individuality and influential power, while the particles are used as symbolic representations of the
interactions themselves. When multiple users enter the environment and interact through a high
degree of proximity, they begin to exchange each other’s particles. These users will carry with them
the particles of any users they interact with until they leave the space. Users can also modify the
colors of existing objects in the environment through proximity, and the effects will remain until
another user interacts with them.

Created for Physical Computing II class project, taught by Professor Josephine Leong, at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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