This is a short, poetic, mixed media narrative that explores Japanese love poems and my own interpretation of dying love and its poetic meaning. In Japanese poetry, generally there is a season being symbolized or imagined. I decided to evoke the feeling of autumn, which is symbolized by decay or death (withering). This can be representative of a relationship's end, or the passing of love. I also included other symbolic elements, like the moon (tsuki), which is not only representative of nighttime, but femininity in many respects.
My text mostly alludes to remembrance and surrendering to the end of a moment, even though one might not want the moment to end. I can relate to that feeling (I'm sure many can) where you can see a relationship ending and there is nothing you can do but watch, just like when the seasons change.

All in all, I had a lot of fun and personal creativity come out of this project. I used a combination of video, stop motion, and narration.

The music is by Jonny Greenwood, from the OST of Norwegian Wood.

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