Saeed David Farman
Founder and Int’l Group Leader of New Hope for Humanity, ALIENSHIFT Project & ALIENEVENT

ALIENSHIFT is an International organization with different groups and affiliates around the Globe. Its goal is to make multiple Close Encounters of 5th kinds with the positive service to all Aliens of all races for possible colonization of other planets and or safe lift off and landing during and after the coming Pole Shift and earth changes.

Light workers it’s time to come together!

This is an 11:11 wake up call for all star seeds and Light workers to come together and join us as Volunteers to spread the word as far as wide and as fast as possible on the net and off the net. Since we have created an event to transform the community of spiritual DNAs and all those who are preparing for ASCESION and transformation around the globe as this event will be broadcasted live.

Please help us with this event and honor those wonderful souls who are coming to speak and lecture in this event for sake of humanity to pass their message for the new age of freedom and Golden Spiritual Awareness.

Ground Crew Preparing for the 2012-2019 coming 7 years of Tribulations, WWIII, Armageddon, Nostradamus, Prophecy, Disclosure Project, ET Studies, Alien Technology, Alien Pictures, UFO Videos, CERN, HAARP, Montauk, Philadelphia Experiment, NASA MARS Exploration, Alien Contact, Exopolitics, Alientology, UFOLOGY, Pole Shift, Planet Nibiru, Sumerians, Annunaki, Star Gates, UFO, USO, Life on MARS, Spiritual UFOLOGY, Time Travel, Hollow Earth, Mayan Calendar, Telepathy, Ascension, Spiritual Activism, Spiritual Awakening, Meditation for transformation & Ascension, Activating DNA Codes, Amnesty & Human Rights, Shift in Human Consciousness.

ALIENSHIFT Mission Statement:

ALIENSHIFT is a Proactive International UFOLOGY & ET Research Group dedicated to ET Disclosure Project, Alien contact, Star Gate Technology, Time Travel, Teleportation to MARS and Moon and many other Projects on hand.
Our website is where you can access more Information about ET, UFOs, MARS, TIME TRAVEL, Alien Races, their culture, belief system, if they are positive service to all or negative service to self like many humans, their purpose of being here and the spiritual message behind their contact.
ALIENSHIFT seeks to disseminate accurate information about extraterrestrial races, their agendas, activities and history, and assist members in making informed choices about how to prepare for that time when the extraterrestrial presence becomes widespread public knowledge.
ALIENSHIFT Promotes the idea that it is only through a self-empowered humanity that open interaction with extraterrestrial races can do justice to humanity's need for equality, freedom and sovereignty. We also promote the aspirations and views of that segment of humanity long denied political representation in secret government interactions with extraterrestrial races.

ALIENSHIFT International Group researches the latest information leading up to the great "Shift" of 2012 to 2019 and Ascension.

ALIENSHIFT mission is to clarify the UFO phenomenon, its agenda and history, and to implement the most effective way to educate the public and world governments to its reality and implications.


To be Forefront of Mankind in Universal Planetary exploration and ET contact.
To find solutions for Future of Humanity and having a dialog with other Alien Races.
To be the Representatives of the Earth in the Federation of Planets.

To create official Landing Zones for ET Contact in few countries.
To End Monetary system in the Earth by year 2019.
To End Energy problems and introduce ET technology for the future generations.
To start Interstellar Travel.
An International Public Disclosure in full spectrum.
Educate the Public in different countries and cultures about the ET Sciences or
Manufacture the first Commercial Reversed Engineered privately owned IFO.
Open the gates of information exchange and dialog with scientists, UFOLOGISTS & ET Researchers in other nations.

Join us!

New Hope for Humanity

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