A sweet little Christmas spot I lead for Psyop NY. Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work!

Maya for animation, Softimage with plenty of ICE particle goodness and Arnold for rendering. Pretty much everything is covered in particles including the ground, characters and snow/powdered sugar floating through the air. There are also some nice tangential and anti-tangential crack maps on the gingerbread man to reduce the amount of visible stretching. Thanks Softimage ICE!

Project Morrisons
Spot title/s Be Our Guest
Client Company Morrisons

Production Company Psyop / Smuggler
Director - Marie Hyon, Marco Spier
PSYOP Executive Producer - Lydia Holness
PSYOP Senior Producer - Anna de Castro
SMUGGLER Executive Producer/Partner - Patrick Milling Smith
SMUGGLER Executive Producer/Partner - Brian Carmody
Managing Director - Fergus Brown
Executive Producers - Chris Barrett
SMUGGLER Live action producer - Nick Fewtrell
Director of Photography - Erik Sohlstrom
Designers - Samantha Ballardini, Naomi Chen, Alex Dietrich, Denny
Khurniawan, Eunice Kim, Hyesung Park, Pete Sickbert-
Editor- Cass Vanini
Storyboard Artist - Ben Chan
Lead / Technical Director - Cris Fudge
VFX Supervisor - Joerg Liebold
Modeling - Bryan Eck, Cris Fudge
Rigging - Zed Bennett Jr
Animation - Lead Pat Porter
Animation - Stephanie Russell, Kitty Lin
Look Development - Cris Fudge, Jonah Freidman
Lighting Team - Jonah Friedman, Cris Fudge, Andrew Gilbert, Ari Hwang
Tracking - Bogdan Mihajlovic, Joerge Liebold
VFX - David Barosin, Andy Hara, Jonah Friedman, Cris Fudge
Lead Compositor - Nick Tanner
Compositors - Manu Gaulot, Bo Kim, Danica Parry
Music Company - Composer
Sound Mix Company - Mixer

Agency - DLKW Lowe
Creative Director - Tom Hudson
Senior Copy Writer - David Adamson
Senior Art Director - Richard Prentice
Account Director - Charlotte Barker
Account Manager - Amanda Groves
Agency Producer - Sushi Tester

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