In the Upper Midwest, Meyer lemons tend to make an appearance in stores around the end of November, sometimes sticking around as late as March. The fruit is a little sweeter and more aromatic than regular lemons, with a much thinner rind. When 'preserved' in salt, it becomes a delicious lemony pickle, a common ingredient in North African cooking.

Paula Wolfert's is the most frequently cited recipe, but there are many websites that offer step-by-step instructions, with slight variations, for preparing preserved Meyer lemons. This video provides a condensed visual overview, hopefully giving you a sense of how flexible the process can be. There are only four critical components: Meyer lemons, a lot of salt, glass jars, and a knife. The smaller the fruit segments, the quicker the pickling. If you're really in a hurry, Mark Bittman's 'quick' version can be ready in a matter of hours.

We're already planning a few short cooking videos that will feature preserved Meyer lemons as an ingredient or optional garnish. Check back soon.

Apricot Moon is an online cooking video series produced by siblings Ingrid Greenfield and Jack Whaley.

fine cooking by Ingrid
video and music by Jack Whaley

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