What would you do if you were offered the chance at 5 million dollars and all you had to do was push a button? Pushing the button leads to the death of a stranger but solves your problems. Do you do it?
This film explores the ethical dilemma of exploitation and taking advantage of others by making the situaton simple: Kill someone and get ahead or be moral and remain in mediocrity? What do you choose?

Final Project for the fall 2009 Sight and Sound Studio class at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
Shot in 3 Camera Format at the Tisch Soundstage in NYC.
Based on Richard Matheson's Short Story "Button, Button"
Adapted, Rewritten and Directed by Max Kinchen
Anthony Casertano as Mr. Jones
Mason Walker as Arthur Brooks

Class Professor Peter Rea

This film has no affiliation with the 2009 movie "The Box"

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