The start of the race is beginning, ON YOUR MARK with his Red swim-cap, black goggles and full wetsuit, is coiled and positioned to begin the race with a mindset of readiness upon preparing the body to start the swim. Thoughts of ON YOUR MARK involve: “Swim-cap secured, Goggles secured, Swim line imagined, position into water imagined”

The Reality of the Race Journey has settled in. The Training is the past, the Race preparation anxiety is the present, as diving is only moments away!
ON YOUR MARK is part of an overall composition of figures called THE SWIMMERS. Totaling 5 in all, THE SWIMMERS reflect the first stage of competition within a Triathlon event. The swim stage is full of preparation, reflection and emotion.
I wanted each figure to express the various states of mind before entering the water. Each state transitions into the next in a successive fashion.

3 1/4 feet Height by 3 feet Width
Winterstone, Stainless Steel, Cement, Paint

Video created and edited by Sherwin Banfield for Leozine Studio
Find out more info about my sculpture project here:!on-your-mark/c3bp
Find out more info about Model to Monument here:
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