September 24, traveling upstream, in order to put the awesome, river spanning, Greenway Trail Bridge, I include the very entertaining winding trail one minute before entering the bridge. The location of the bridge is at the Abington Place access point with parking available.

Travel the same bridge, opposite direction, one year later on a busy Sunday, 2 minutes:

This is one of two Suspension bridges for Greenway patrons utilizing the very popular section between Anderson Point park and Horseshoe Farm park... soon to be connected to the 7 miles of Upper Neuse Trail. The next downstream section from Anderson Point park is 7 miles of really enjoyable trail that includes 20 trail bridges. Two of them, 1) Walnut Creek, and 2) River Ridge (golf community) that are so long it takes 40 to 50 seconds to cycle across). See::

1) Walnut Creek:
2) River Ridge:

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