Have you seen her?
• Centering Thought and Order of Service bit.ly/IWrFOy
• Octavio Paz: Guadalupe and Lottery sukanyarahman.com/tag/octavio-paz/
• A Brief History of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe bit.ly/18A8FLN
• When Worlds Collide: Our Lady of Guadalupe (PBS) to.pbs.org/1bvIFUY
• Our Lady of Guadalupe: Basilicas (images) bit.ly/1fhOLKl
• UUA 1977 GA, Women and Religion Resolution uua.org/statements/statements/20280.shtml
• UUA World: Thirty Years of Feminist Transformation uuworld.org/ideas/articles/23905.shtml
• Cakes for the Queen of Heaven
o web site cakesforthequeenofheaven.org/
o UUWR curriculum uuwr.org/new-store/curricula/164
• The Cult of the Virgin Mary in the Middle Ages metmuseum.org/toah/hd/virg/hd_virg.htm
• An Die Freude (Ode to Joy) with lyrics
o (youtube) youtube.com/watch?v=4pbMUEHvoAo
o (text) bit.ly/1buv0u1
• Goddess Devi (Hinduism) philhine.org.uk/writings/tt_emergdevi.html
• Goddess Ishtar (Babylon) goddess.ws/ishtar.html
• Goddess Mary womanthouartgod.com/traditionofmary.php
• Goddess Artemis (Greek) womanthouartgod.com/traditionofmary.php
• Our Lady of Vladimir pravoslavie.ru/english/7424.htm
• The Over-Soul, Emerson emersoncentral.com/oversoul.htm

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