Unus Mundus, Latin for "one world," is the concept of an underlying unified reality that everything emerges from and returns to; a realm beyond time and outside of space which underlies, pervades, and contains all dimensions of our experience.

Choreographed by Gina Carli and Dancers

Dancers: Megan Bowen, Kimberly Bridgewater, Brita Crain Shiokari, Kelsey Gerber, Alize Irby, Ilze Mattson, Peri Trono, Bua Vanitsthian

Lighting Design by Darrin Wade

Projection Design by Gina Carli

Sound Design by Gina Carli and BC Keller

Song: Arabesque No. 1
Composed by Claude Debussy
Performed by Ilze Mattson

Song: Wassily Kandinsky Composition VIII Interpretation
Composed by Marius Schmücker, Miriam Lellek, and Joshua Mayer
Recorded and Edited by Marius Schmücker (vimeo.com/mareyus)

Composition VII and Composition VIII by Wassily Kandinsky
Nebula photographs by NASA
(all images, and sounds not listed here, used are in the public domain)

Gina Carli is a second year graduate student in Dance at UC Irvine. She is focusing her studies on dance and digital technology, specifically screendance. She received her BA from Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York where she majored in Dance and Theatre and minored in Film Studies. She is originally from Salisbury, North Carolina. ginacarli.com

Unus Mundus was performed in "New Slate" at the University of California, Irvine's Claire Trevor School of the Arts December 5-7, 2013

Special thanks to Patrick Reaves, Chad Michael Hall, all of the UCI Dance and Drama faculty, staff, and grad students, and all of the designers, crew, and cast who brought this to life.

Unus Mundus the screendance: vimeo.com/ginacarli/unusmundus

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