1. The Judas Cradle
An operatic duodrama conceived and performed with Ron Athey exploring the history of torture and personal suffering. The libretto draws from transcripts of Inquisition hearings, Maeterlink’s Pelleas et Mellisande, Puccini’s Turandot, and Jean Genet's closing statement of the witness from Prisoner of Love. Athey and Snapper developed a musical score rooted in operatic vocalism and incorporating extended vocal techniques inspired by Monteverdian duets, Mae West’s yowl and Speaking in Tongues.

2. “Five Fathoms Opera Project” is the over-arching title of a series of modular, site-specific operatic performances. Private bathtubs, glass tanks, Olympic swimming pools, and Victorian bath houses act as multi-faceted stages from which the performance is viewed directly and projected via hydrophone and live video. Snapper employs her own extended techniques (mouth-to-water singing) to exploit the unique acoustical properties of water and of the sounding human body in water. Pushing mediums and modes of expression, Five Fathoms was the testing ground for a new vocality at the intersection of contemporary performance art and virtuosic tradition.
Excerpts in this sample are derived from the culmination of the project,“You who will emerge from the flood...” a large-scale touring production scored by Andrew Infanti and incorporating choruses of up to 90 voices.

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