In order to collect Objects for his "True Story" exhibition in Guangzhou's 4-Side-Museum, Frank Gerlitzki exchanges invitations for the opening party with Items to be displayed during the show. The residents of the neighbouring village, even if knowing about the existence of the museum, would never visit it by themselves.

Frank Gerlitzki is an artist, gallerist, curator and humanist with a long time experience in social practice, relational aesthetics and multidisciplinary approach.
After having founded the gallery Espace ApArt in Luxembourg, a physical space for dialogue and cultural exchange that brought together artists of different countries for several years, he went travelling for a while in search of a "different space" and stopped in China. Beijing seemed already too fast and structured, so he moved to Guangzhou and found in the village of Xiao Zhou Cun an "island" to wander around and get lost.
Since then he has worked from there in collaboration with the independent space Sabaki, the Guangzhou Art Academy and mostly with various artists and the "local people" he is so fond of since his arrival.

Showed his work in numerous exhibitions and art-events in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Poland, Morocco, Spain, Korea, Poland, China, Mexico, Austria, the United states and the United Kingdom.
Honored by various awards.

He has been the subject of publications all over the world.
Frank Gerlitzki lives and works.

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