Too Young to Die

On September 19th, 1921
75 miners died in a coal
dust explosion at Mt. Mulligan.

In 1971, as a new young TV director, I was sent to a remote part of Queensland to see if a documentary could be made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Australia's worst mining disaster.
It didn't look hopeful,the town was gone and the elderly residents spread all over Queensland.
However one name kept recurring.."Mrs Wardle". I was told by locals not to leave until I had spoken to her.
After seven days searching, I recorded our first meeting and it became the commentary for the film.
A most remarkable woman.

Produced & Directed
Michel Pearce

Executive Producer
Bruce Buchanan

Special Effects: Les Conley

Designer: Jack Montgomery

Editor: Richard Bruce

Sound: Fred Pickering

Photography: Tony Wilson

Script Assistant: Tracey Ellison

Research: Margaret Yardy

Thanks to North Interior Exploration Pty. Ltd.
and Australian Village Wilberforce.


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