Benetton Live Windows is an initiative by Fabrica, Benetton Group's research centre on communication, conceived to create a new language between people and retail space. Thanks to a co-operative network among major educational and cultural institutions, it promotes young talented designers and publishes their works on the mediawalls of selected Benetton flagship stores all over the world.
This videos has been endorsed by UNRIC, United Nations Regional Information Centre.
Istitute: Eikon EMF, Fribourg
Students: Silvain Fuchs, Brunelle Gerber, Valentine Humbert, Nicholas Lanthermann, Laure Vuarnoz, Sloane Wolff
Tutors: Eikon
Thanks to: Alfatih Al Zouabi, Marion Aland, Valentine Frolly, Félicien Riondel, Laura Rollier, Charuwat Samakkasetkan, Mary Senghor, Simon Turin

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