This REBORN collection is a combination of materials between soft and firm with innovative designs. Brand CINDY ZHANG strives to create a superior consumer experience. The story behind this collection was based on the designer's 10 years experiences of living and studying in UK after facing so many challenges, difficulties and problems, being strong, mature and confidence. So that ideas of soft and firm came out, means the life wisdom is the persistence of love and hope, constantly to getting reborn. This conceptual handcrafted collection will be neither following trends nor intending to be seasonal. The spirit of REBORN collection for brand CINDY ZHANG are the combinations of power and mild, female and male, rationality and sensitivity, it was inspired by the fascinating shape and the concept of Armour kits at "Wallace Collection London" that interested in manpower resources, resolution, making the people can defend themselves, and the spirit of undaunted and courageous.

Ig: cindyzhangofficial
Twitter: cindyzhang109

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