Enjoying life and riding wakeskate and wakeboard, the riders Marcela Witt and Thayna Armentano rode many days on the Naga Cable Park in Jaguariúna, SP. Considered the best cable park in the country.

Athletes: Marcela Witt and Thayna Armentano
Executive Producer: Anna Verônica
Director: Diego Correia
Videographer: Diego Correia and Anna Verônica
Director of photography: Diego Correia
Editing and Post-Production: Diego Correia
Aerial image: Ricardo Cobos

Soundtrack: Still Corners - Endless Summer

Special Thanks:
Naga Cable Park nagacp.com.br
A3 Registros Fotográficos facebook.com/a3registrosfotograficos
Rcobos Action Films facebook.com/RcobosActionFilms


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