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Bob Shaw, CEO at Net Optics delivers his speech on Security-Centric Networking, Transforming Cyber Security for Tomorrow's Threats at the 3rd Annual International Cyber Security Conference. sectech.tau.ac.il/en/cyber.conf

Today's networks are waging a ceaseless battle against an army of ingenious and fast-evolving threats. Companies—as well as entire nations—must be well-provisioned to deploy a quick, decisive and network-wide response to attack. While the nature of this conflict has not changed much from the early days of the Internet, what has changed is the intensity and number of attacks, the damage they inflict, and their widening compass. We need a new paradigm for ensuring successful deployments of counter-attack solutions: Security-Centric SDN. Net Optics has originated this concept to help organizations marshal an agile, effective response to the changing needs of data centers and converged environments.

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