The Abridged Story of Dan & Tim

Dan and Tim met in San Francisco in 2001, despite somewhat conflicting musical tastes (Tim: Morrissey, Dan: Tori Amos), they managed to become fast friends, even learning to embrace the other's choice in depressing music. In 2004, they realized their relationship went beyond best-friendship and, somewhat cautiously, became a couple. Things went so well that in 2010, Dan flew to NY to surprise Tim with a proposal in Central Park - Tim said "Yes!" (of course). And after three long years of engagement, the repeal of DOMA and the obliteration of Prop 8 - they decided to make it legal with an intimate ceremony in their backyard, in the city they call home.

They are in the midst of planning another celebration for their friends and family in the southwest next year!

(My role) In 2010, I was honored to be a part of Dan's surprise proposal. Armed with my old, 35mm Minolta, I was given the instructions to "sleuth around" - and snap away! I had no idea then that one day those photos would set the tone for their wedding video. Thank you both for flying me out and allowing me to witness and capture your beautiful day!

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