Feeling foggy? Neck aching? Ideas dried up?

You need a refreshing and invigorating tonic. You need to shake things up with Acting Funny?

This show uses improvisation and audience participation to create unique and spontaneous performances. With each audience comes a new cast providing the show with an original narrative every time.

Acting Funny? is set up in the traditional style of actor and spectator. However during the performance the audience are invited to join the team of actors in various improvisations and theatre games. This is not obligatory. Audience members can still participate from their seats.

This unique experience encourages new ways of thinking, new ways of establishing connections and new ways of looking at each other. It provides a fun platform for team building and effective communication.

Feeling Intrepid? Curious? Or developing an anxiety rash? Fair enough. It can seem a little scary. But why not dip your toe in, try something new today. Unleash your creativity and join in the fun.

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