Adrian and joanna are indonesian that grew up in australia. Its funny how Joanna had adrian hooked at first sight because of the way she smiled. I cant blame the guy cause she does have a really glowing smile that makes other people happy.

I was so happy when i heard the band sang a song by my favorite christian singer Audrey Assad. Not many people know about this awesome singer and joanna found out about her from watching our films. This somehow prompt us to use one of audrey assad's song for their same day edit and voila!

I just also want to give a shout out to one of the best mc i have ever worked with, angelo from dolton house. He really made the night alive and to top it up, he used to learn indonesian at school! Straight away we found our opening speech for the sde.

They say you become the people you hang around with so we already expect a lot of cool people on the day and we found that Joanna and adrian has very fun loving groomsmen and bridesmaid. We had a lot of fun with all of them especially during location shoot.

Thanks so much adrian and joanna for the great honour of getting to know you guys and your crowd. We love them all and we hope that our little film will be the proof for everyone to see that you guys are an awesome bunch!!! God bless and have a great marriage life

Song is No Turning Back by Audrey Assad

santo {papercranes}

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