The presentation I gave at the December 2009 CocoaHeads Lake Forest. Camera work by Stuart Cracraft ( (whom you may remember as the cameraman and uploader of the videos from October's session).

The camera records to mini DVDs, of which there are three. There are a few minutes of gap between them; these gaps occurred while Stuart was changing the DVD in the camera. These are half-hour mini DVDs, and each session is 1 to 2 hours long, so disc-swapping gaps are unavoidable.

I hunt two leaks in this video. One is an obvious leak in a test app; another is a (long-ago-fixed) leak of a CGColor object in Growl.

The screen-saver-testing app I mention in the video is SaverLab by Dozing Cat Software:

This is also the first time I've said the word “uniquify” aloud.

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