"The Cocktail Party"

a comedy by


Celia Coplestone - Lucy Kate Westbrook
Sir Henry Harcourt-Reilly, the mysterious stranger/psychiatrist- Aidan O'Shea

Transference is a phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another.

Celia, a young woman, is meeting a psychologist because she thinks that her life is hollow and superficial. When her affair with Edward ends, she feels she’s always been alone, that everyone’s alone. She suffers loss, disillusion. She wants to be cured of loving.

An experimental approach to bring back the most English American poet to his country. New-York is the London of yesterday. The aesthetics is influenced by dreams and paintings, especially Fauvism and German Expressionism (Kirchner). The Avant-Guard visual work of genius such Kenneth Anger, Rainer Werner Fassbinder , Ken Russell and Robert Wilson inspired me the visual surreal colorful hallucinatory atmosphere.
F. W. Murnau 's Sunrise & Hans-Jürgen Syberberg's use of screen as memories, emotions.

Music by Philip Glass
Directed , edited & produced by Tanguy de Thuret

For Directing Actors for Film & Television
The New School, Fall 2013
Shot in New-York City

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