The film is dedicated to all Cats from a Cat lover

---------- STORY ----------

A little story about lovely Lady-Cat Dashka, who lives with us in our summer cottage house. When she was an abandoned wild kitten she was sheltered by one of the villagers. When she grew up she appeared to be a thoroughbred bobtail, but still stayed freedom-loving. She goes where ever she wants, lives where she likes, and finally appointed our vacation home as her summer residence. She lives all summer with us. When we arrive she always runs to greet us with her raised small bobtail, purrs and rubs. My parents loves her very much, feed her and care for her, but she's still catches and brings voles and poor birds (what to do - wildlife), proving her status of independent hunter. Although she is very tender and incredibly neat. Dashka is a young cat, but she an already has had kittens, who also come to visit us. A few weeks after the filming, Dashka gave birth to a beautiful tortoiseshell kitten, so in the movie she starring pregnant. Once upon a time lived with us her groom and father of her kittens - Ryzhik. Now he is gone into the far cordon and lives somewhere else. Ryzhik is kindest cat on earth. In winter time, I miss them all very much. Mother of the Ryzhik, the cat with very clever and piercing eyes, gave birth to him and four more kittens in our summer residence, a few years ago. But that is another story. And this story shall also be told.

---------- ИСТОРИЯ ----------

Маленькая история о милой кошечке Дашке, которая живет с нами летом на даче. Когда-то будучи брошенным диким котенком ее приютила одна из жительниц поселка, котенок вырос, оказался породистым бобтейлом, но так и остался свободолюбивым. Ходит где захочет, живет где нравится, в итоге назначила наш загородный дом своей летней резиденцией, живет все лето у нас.... Читать далее:

---------- CREDITS ----------

Starring: Lady-Cat Dashka /
Make-up & Hair: Nature :)
Director / Camera / Editor: Elizaveta Osokina / /
Music by Elizelle - "Ray of Sunlight" / /
Shot on location in My Summer Cottage House, Summer 2013, Russia, near Moscow
Filmed on a Canon DSLR (Canon 7D) with Canon & Sigma lenses
a production / Modafoto Films / /

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