Harpoon Pictures Director Anton Jøsef documents the transformation of a dull, rugged, chunk of carbon as it’s designed and crafted into a luminous, radiant, diamond gemstone. The suspense builds as we watch a vibrant woman make herself beautiful and hurry off to meet her handsome beau. It appears her date has stood her up, but a rendezvous encounter at the conservatory reveals a different ending. Jøsef combines these two journeys, toggling between cuts to tell the story of Engage Diamonds in this intriguing 60-second Web film.
See the story unfold here: harpoonpictures.com/director/anton-josef-for-engage-diamonds
The details and artistry used to create a diamond are perfectly timed and juxtaposed against the effort put forth by the woman primping herself to look and feel alluring. In the end, both are brilliant and stunning.
Engage Diamonds “The Journey”
Director: Anton Jøsef
Producer: Marc Milliard
Director of Photography: Henry Sanson
Editor: Anton Jøsef
Stylist: Tiffany Briseno

Hair & Make-up: Brandi Boulet

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