Conceived and Directed and Designed by: Yolande Snaith
Choreographed by: Yolande Snaith in collaboration the dancers
Performed by: Brian Schaefer, Tony Diaz, Veronica Martin, Sadie Weinberg, Amber Hamer, Jillian Chu, Carrie Prince, Devon Brawley , Greg Lane
Composer: Graeme Miller

Corked was a development and variation of 'Should Accidentally Fall', a dance film that Yolande created in 1992 with director Ross MacGibbon, whilst also revisiting ideas and images from 'Blind Faith', 1998. Corked was created in 2007 for the Trolley Dances Festival, San Diego. The choreography was adapted from the initial shuffle board, and centered around a pool table in a Down Town San Diego bar. The converted warehouse with its bare brick walls and iron girders facilitated further explorations of the game, up the vertical planes of the space and along the long wooden church benches.

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