P A N D R O G E N Y : 0 3 Communication

Direction: Branden M. Collins
Costume Design/Choreography: Branden Collins & Madeline Moore
Co-Direction/Colorist/DP: Brian Smith
Sound Design: NEVR
Special thanks: Candice House & Zaneta Hodari

"Communication" is the third installment in a series of ongoing "micro-films" entitled Pandrogeny.
Pandrogeny is the conscious embracing of gender roles, sexual orientations, or cultural traditions so as to render the person's original identity completely indecipherable. It is the “third gender” as it is sometimes referred to, a type of gender-neutral living being more akin to the OTHER, or internal self. Pandrogeny is not about defining differences but about creating similarities, not about separation but about unification and resolution.
This series of collaborative "micro films" attempts to explore this concept, among others relating to identity, divergent thought & perception.

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