Preferred Vendors
Total Realty Solutions has created and developed a marketing campaign to assist local, regional and national businesses. This promotion allows businesses to advertise their product or service for approximately .06 cents per household with a minimum of 5000 postcards per month.
With new Real Estate Agents and Lenders being added on a regular basis and monthly marketing campaigns being distributed to specific neighborhoods, communities and counties throughout every state, it gives each Preferred Vendor an opportunity to promote their company.
This is a very cost effective way to advertise your business ($299 for 5000 mailers). In addition, each network member of Total Realty Solutions will endorse your product or service.
There is no contract to become a member of Total Realty Solutions just a 3 month commitment from each Preferred Vendor. The commitment is due the printing, labeling and sorting which is performed quarterly.
For more information simply call 1-800-255-5040 ext1062

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