The song "Lomir Alle in Einem" is a Yiddish toast, often offered to the bride and groom at a wedding feast, as well as a way of honoring people at any gathering. The words vary from tradition to tradition. In this rendition, the lyrics are as follows:

Lomir alle in einem, in einem,
[honoree's name] m'kabel punim zayn.(x2)
Lomir all in einem, lustig un freilich zayn!
Lomir alle in einem trinken a gleizeleh vayn!

Let us all, in unison, in unison,
Recognize/welcome [honoree's name] (2)
Let us all, in unison (2)
Be joyful and happy!
Let us all, in unison (2)
Drink a little glass of wine!

In some traditions, the last line is "nemen a bissele vayn" "(take a little bit of wine").

This video is from the wedding reception for Rachel Laura Eulenberg and Mitchell Todd Williams, held on September 4, 2004 at the Grand Ballroom of the Kellogg Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.

As the father of he bride, John Eulenberg leads the guests in this toast, which honors, as is typical, one honoree after the other.

(1) The bridal pair (chozankaleh in Yiddish, i.e. groom-and-bride)
(2) The groom's parents, Jack and Esther Williams
(3) The assembled guests
(4) The Rabbi and Cantor
(5) The musicians

Such a multiple honoring can go on for a long time at some occasions, especially if the verse about the wine is repeated enough. In this case, that line was omitted several times, in order to preserve sobriety!

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